Citric Acid Flushing

At Washington Marine Cleaning, we have used citric acid flushing to clean air conditioning plants, refrigeration plants, heating systems, etc. All these systems and many more can get contaminated in numerous ways. For instance, a chiller cooler or heat exchanger can freeze, corrode, or fail for many reasons, contaminating the system with salt water, fresh water, oils, chill water or other contaminants. In many cases, the proper hot citric acid recipe for specific system types can be used to satisfactorily clean a wide variety of systems. When the system is made of steel, it can rust and scale inside, causing particles to clog steam traps, orifices, screens, and all components of the system. Hot citric acid can be used to clean all types and sizes of such systems.

Citric acid flushingWashington Marine Cleaning has been in business for over 13 years, with over 100 years of combined experience in the services we provide. We even have a special recipe for using citric acid in the presence of dissimilar metals. If the system is made of steel, but the heaters and heat exchangers are made of copper, brass, or other high-heat-conducting materials, we can still use citric acid without chelating (pronounced keelating) the copper to the steel. We have used citric acid flushing to clean building AC systems in New Mexico, heating systems on large drill rigs, boilers, electronic cooling water to the top of the masts on Aircraft Carriers.

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